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PhyteX 1-9-8

PhyteX 1-9-8™ is a carefully constructed nutritional formulation based on over 40 years of growing experience and is a combination of pure potassium phosphite and highly available secondary and trace elements powered by La Bomba™.

The Cottage Cove Advantage

Custom Blended Formulations

All our product that are sold under the Plant Pharmacy label are custom blended and designed to solve the specific problems encountered in the landscape by homeowners and lawn professionals.

These formulas have been painstaking researched and trialed by our technicians who have over 35 years in the agricultural industry. While most of our competitors formulate generic products for the landscape, all of the Plant Pharmacy products are professional grade and ready to go.

Custom Packaging

All of our products are available in personal sized packages that are easy to use and designed to fit the need of the majority of home projects.

Our customer save money because they don't have to purchase extra product that goes unused, takes up storage space and can spill or leak. Our products are all formulated and measured to be used in small sprayers or spreaders.

Customer Service

Educational Training and Support. We provide our customers with training on how to use our products and publish informational handouts on plants, diseases, and care management through our research division at MAAK Research.

Our customers receive Free diagnostics of any of their plant disorders through our convenient text or email service or can arrange for a site visit by one of our technicians for a very low fee. For more information on our diagnostic services visit our professor at


Our central packaging and distribution center is located in northwest Miami-Dade County, Florida or you can purchase our products at garden centers and shops throughout south Florida.

Some of our products can be purchased and shipped via UPS directly to your home or business

For our customers in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach county, deliveries to your home or business are available through our "Store on Wheels" for a minimum fee. Email us at for details.

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